Meet the Tyler


New members of the Lodge will form a very close bond with Geoff our Tyler, as one of his many important duties is to prepare the Candidates for any forthcoming ceremony. Geoff's stories and tales, experience and knowledge have a great calming and reassuring effect on the candidate, a nervous looking candidate leaving the Lodge room could often be heard in deep laughter a few minutes later in the Tyler's safe hands. 

The Tyler's Jewell of office is a single sword, now mainly for ceremonial duties - however don't surprise Geoff he probably wont take a swing at you, that sort of thing hasn't been popular since the middle ages, but you never know, just to make sure you don't loose a finger or get an eye poked out.

As well as preparing the Candidates, some other Tyler's duties include - preparing / laying out the Lodge room, announcing visitors & latecomers, responding to the Inner Guard, completing the attendance book, looking after Lodge utensils and Members regalia. 

The Tyler serves as outer guard of the Lodge.