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People join Freemasons Lodges for a number of reasons, and among the more important ones is that they want to be more useful to society and to do something for those who are less fortunate than themselves. Ever since Freemasonry began, over 300 years ago, one of its core principles has been the provision of support for the needy - the concept of charity.

Masonic Charities

The Grand Charity is the centrepiece of the organisation’s charitable efforts, supporting Freemasons and their dependants at times of need and supporting a host of non-Masonic charities both in the UK and abroad. The donations collected from UK Freemasons have been used to support causes ranging from hospices to enabling youth work opportunities, from medical research to funding the operations of air ambulances.

The Adams Lodge is a major supporter of the centrally organised Masonic charities, being patrons of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund of the Royal Masonic Hospital appeal.

The Grand Charity has also set up a system to provide an effective and tax-efficient way in which Lodges can manage their own charitable giving, through a system of “relief chests” set up by the individual Lodges.

More information about the Grand Charity can be accessed from their excellent website - and this also provides to links to any necessary documentation to facilitate charitable donations and also to enable Freemasons to request grants for any needy cause.

Charity in the Adams Lodge

The Adams Lodge has a very proud history with respect to charity, supporting both Masonic and non-Masonic causes. We hope that we can continue this great tradition.

The Brethren of the Lodge will decide from time to time which charities to support, although the Brethren have often chosen to support the centrally administered Masonic charities, they have complete freedom of choice regarding how they allocate the funds they raise, as long as it is given to a registered charity or institution.               Charity box at WM pedestal

A few examples of the work done by the Adams Lodge in recent years are listed below;

  • For the Lodge centenary in 2005 the members worked with the Variety Club to buy a “Sunshine Coach” for a special school in central London - this was an excellent effort throughout the Lodge and required funds in excess of £20,000!
  • The Lodge recognised the massive contribution of Frank Stuart-Brown to its success and to the help given to him and fellow tumour suffers by donating significant funds to Brain Tumour UK.
  • One Christmas we gave a small amount of money to a nursing home to fund the entertainment for a Christmas party
  • One member of Adams Lodge unfortunately lost his life in an accident on a building site. The Lodge Almoner arranged for the central Masonic charities to support his family and the Lodge also took a close interest in the education and development of the eldest son, even to providing his tools for his apprenticeship. A fitting way for a Masonic Lodge to support the family of one of its members. The Brother who died had only been to one meeting - where he was initiated - and the organisation is prepared to provide a lifetime of support to his dependants.
  • 2014 Lodge Master was inspired by the bravery of a Brothers partners fight against the Necrotising Fasciitis infection otherwise known as the "flesh eating disease" - Lee Spark Foundation receives a generous donation from the Adams Lodge. 
  • The Masters charities for 2020 are the Salvation Army and the Metropolitian Masonic Charity.
  • We can be justifiably proud of the Lodge and of the wider Masonic organisation in terms of giving to charity.

Current Charitable activity

Each year the new Worshipful Master gets to chose a charity that is close/important to him/family or the Lodge. Charities selected for the years 18/19 - £500 SportsAble, £500 The Listening Place, £500 the Shooting Star
Chase Children's Hospice, £1500 Metropolitan Grand Chapter Charity.
The Lodge also decided that £1500 should be transferred from the Lodge
General Fund into the Lodge Relief Chest in order that a subsequent donation
of £3000 may be made to the Metropolitan Grand Lodge Fire Brigade Appeal.

How to give.

At each Festive Board the Charity Steward will ask for donations.  Ideally this contribution will be boosted by claiming tax back by using Gift Aid envelopes.

Each year the Lodge will organise a “White Table” where non-Masonic visitors are invited to the Festive Board after the meeting. This gives us a chance to thanks our partners for their support in our Masonic activities and to invite friends who may be interested in joining the Lodge. It also gives us a great opportunity to boost our charitable giving and the Charity Steward will generally set up a range of ways to generate additional donations.

For several years the Lodge ran a series of Golf Days, where friends and colleagues would join Lodge members for a great day’s golf and a dinner, usually followed by a raffle and  auction. These were particularly useful in generating substantial sums for the Sunshine Coach in the run-up to the Centenary. The Charity Steward will be setting up golf days and other Charitable events in the future and would welcome ideas from the Brethren for such events.

Please contact the Charity Steward if you have any questions or ideas.

You can access all necessary forms, brochures and gift aid envelopes from the Charity Steward or from the website.

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