The Mentoring Programme has been established to ensure that every member, new and old, makes the most of the their Freemasonry. This promotes a greater level of understanding of all Masonic activities, ritual and social.

Lodges that encompass this have enthusiastic and committed members who are not only an asset to their Lodge and Freemasonry in general, but also keen to encourage their friends to join as well.

Each Lodge appoints a senior and experienced Brother as Mentoring Team Leader who appoints a contact for each new member. Each Candidate needs a Mentor who can appreciate their particular position and circumstance who will be readily available to answer questions. The Mentoring Team Leader selects two or three Brethren of experience and knowledge to act as individual Mentors for newly initiated Brethren. It is important that these Mentors have (or establish) good relations and close communication with the Brethren they are mentoring. 

Rough ashlar

                     The Rough Ashlar, located at the Junior Wardens pedestal.