Lodge of Instruction


The Lodge of Instruction (LOI) provides a practice evening for the perfection of perambulations and the endeavour to memorise and understand the ritual of the various degrees. The content of the evening will vary depending on attendees requests. A very casual and informal atmosphere, a great place to ask questions and clear up ambiguities you may have. By attending you gain an understanding of the rituals, what is expected of you in the Lodge room and how to conduct yourself at meetings. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment when you have played your part and you have been able to impart your knowledge to a novice.

All new Masons are encouraged to seek out a LOI. A number of members attend a Lodge of Instruction at Freemasons Hall. This is convened one evening per week (Wednesday) starting at 7pm. A friendly evening at which to learn, meet Bretheren from other Lodges and share experiences.

Lodge Of Instruction is a casaual relaxed and most importantly fun evening. 


LOI J Green at WMLOI Installation practice - Tyler

LOI Richard Reano