Our Lodge


A warm welcome awaits you at our Lodge. 

Members of the Adams lodge have a great sense of belonging, feeling valued and being part of an ancient fraternity. Our masonic ceremonies are important to us and we take great pride in delivering them to new members.

New members will make lifelong friendships and will meet people from different backgrounds who foster integrity and respect for others. 

During our meetings members have the opportunity to escape the daily time pressures of modern society while focusing on Masonic history and exploring the symbolism that depicts it. Our Members enjoy the ethical approach and moral values displayed by everyday Freemasons. The success of our members is encouraged by small steps and playing integral parts in our ceremonies.

The confidence of our members is bolstered by their involvement in lodge meetings. This sense of satisfaction shines through when engaging with their family, friends and peers.

During our social activities we hold dear the distinguishing characteristic of all freemasons, charity, because of this we have a fantastic record of raising funds for worthy charities. 

You are welcome to come and share in our enjoyment at our upcoming social events, open to non-masons, or even join our festive board at Christmas.


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 Adams Lodge Warrant.

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