Historic Ritual Books

At the Adams Lodge we are very proud of our Taylor's Workings.

The first book of M.M. Taylor’s Craft Ritual was published in 1908, although there is evidence of the workings being in practice before then. Taylor’s working is renowned for its very precise working, its unique floor work, its clear and descriptive language and the fullness of its ceremonial content.




For Taylor’s Working, the first edition of the ritual book under its present title M. M. Taylor’s Handbook of Craft Freemasonry was published in 1908, the second edition in 1975, the third in 1991 and the fourth in 2000. Prior to 1908 the work was called the Manual of Craft Freemasonry and was first published by M. M. Taylor in 1900, the copyright being held by Henry Hill, who was initiated in St. Marylebone Lodge No.1305 in 1874 and was Master in 1885.

Researches by Roy Fisher, currently Life President of the Taylor's Ritual Association, suggest that Taylor, who started his printing business in 1863, began publishing and printing for Hill about 1897.

A few years before this, during the 1880s, Logic, West End and Oxford rituals were published and it is believed that the precursory of Taylor’s Working, known as Hill’s North London Working, appeared in the same period.